Adam's Testimonials

"Adam has tremendous initiative and commitment to his projects. He has proven his dedication to improving conditions for individuals around the world over the 12 plus years he has been actively raising and distributing funds to communities in need."

-Meghan Brown, Independent Designer, Architecture/ Interiors/ Set Design/ Production Management.

"I have known Adam since I was a child; and even now, as I did then, look to him as a role model. Adam is extremely intelligent and hard working, and I fully support him in his leadership role with the "100 Friends Foundation"."

-Jay Krick, PE Teacher, Stratford Middle School

"Adam Carter goes above and beyond any responsibility given to him...he epitomizes the word passion and has the personality to back it up! Adam has always adapted to the wants and needs of my product's vision and the desires of my clients and audience. He is a true visionary and has become a genuine friend over the years. Meet him once and you'll know!" July 16, 2008

-Tim Summers, Hired Adam as a Writer/Editor in 1997

"Adam Carter is one of the most unique, innovative and driven individuals I know. I am proud to say that I have been a colleague of Adam's for the past 10 years. His work ethic has always been tremendous, but it is his concepts and ideas that truly put him on a different level. His charitable efforts always go to extraordinary levels, and his outside the box thinking is something that can be deriven from. Regardless of what he engages in, I look at Adam as someone who will be successful in any venture he chooses. I think what makes him special is his ability to relate to a diverse group of people. He has friends and contacts from an eclectic array of backgrounds, and his ability to speak multiple languages gives him a true edge in today's changing landscape. Adam would be an incredible addition to any group or project he chooses to pursue."

-Jared Ralsky, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, St. Edward's University

"I've known Adam since 1991, and he's always been a responsible, hard-working person. He is truly an inspiration, and has dedicated himself to serving and helping others in need around the world. His passion, in conjunction with his solid business-sense, will prove to be a valuable combination in his current endeavors. I have supported Adam in his cause, and will continue to do so in the future."

-Rob Foersterling, Senior Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley

"Adam has worked for Rum & Reggae Guidebooks as a writer on several projects and has co-authored two guidebooks. His dedication and talents are unsurpassed and I look forward to working with him on every project. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does and it shows in his work. Just as important, he cares about all the people with whom he comes into contact, whether it be on a personal or professional level."

-Joe Shapiro, hired Adam as a Writer/Editor in 2002, and hired Adam more than once

"Adam is a talented leader with the vision, courage and skill to make a difference in the international nonprofit sector."

-Scott Beale, Founder and President, Atlas Service Corps

"Adam is a humble, soft-spoken leader who gets the job done without beating trying to draw attention to himself. Making a difference to those he is trying to help is all that matters to him, and he has my utmost respect for his dedication and intelligence." July 15, 2008

-John Garcia, Reporter, WLS TV

"I have known Adam since we were about 3 years old. We both share a passion for travel and learning about new cultures. But Adam has taken his travel to a whole different level by finding individuals, families and even organizations that are in need of assistance and helping them any way that he can. I have donated to Adam's causes in the past and will continue to do so in the future."

Scott Terry, Senior Talent Business Manager, Energy BBDO

"I've know Adam for over twenty years. He is dedicated to raising and distributing money to make a difference in the world."

Thea Kachoris-Flores, Manager, Planning and Development, Access Community Health Network

"Adam has a HEART of gold!! He is sincerely passionate man who enjoys helping those who have much less than he has.. Adam has my full support for his community work. And he's just a GREAT GUY and close friend!!!"

Jonny Imerman,Founder, Imerman Angels

"Adam has been a supporter of one of our projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for five years. Even though he hadn't visited the country in a while he kept tabs with the project directly and through Dreams Can Be Foundation. He raised money for the project and when the project ran into trouble he rallied his network and brought in some extra support. he returned to Brazil last year as we organized a new board for the project and he volunteered to be part of the board to help insure the continuity of the project and insure its ongoing development. Adam's assistance has been valuable to the project and has meant that our organization could count on his time and his network."

-Christine Clauser,Diretcor of Development, Dreams Can Be Foundation

"I met Adam in Guatemala a few years ago. And I can assure that he is a very responsible and lovely person. Philantrophic and helpful, he knows to manage his resources. So you can be sure to spend your money in the right place!"

-Jenni Roth,journalist, axel springer

"Get enough of Adam's spirit and selflessness and this world can actually be a better place! Thank you and congratulations on your continued efforts, Adam."

Alex Medeiros,Demand Planner, Unilever

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