Field Reports

Latin America

Brazil - "You are this family's only hope."
Brazil - Helping Seniors Regain their Dignity
Brazil - Emergency Family Assistance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazil - Helping Teen Mothers Achieve a Better Future In Favelas of Rio de Janeiro
Brazil - Brazilian Capoeira as a Tool to Aid Childrens Development
Brazil - New Kitchen for Center Aiding Mentally and Physically Challenged
Brazil - Supporting Challenged Kids in Rio's "City of God"
Brazil - Saving Kids from Drug Trafficking in Rio's Favela Shanty-towns
Brazil - Hope at Seven
Brazil - Rocinha: Rio's Raw Reality
Brazil - Amazon Aid

Guatemala - 5 MORE Babies Lives Transformed by Cleft Palate Surgery!
Guatemala - Building a New Home for Impoverished Guatemalan Family
Guatemala - Repairing Cleft Palates for Guatemalan Babies
Guatemala - Continuing Fight Against Malnutrition in Guatemala
Guatemala - Harnessing Micro-credit for Guatemalan Women
Guatemala - Tackling Malnutrition
Guatemala - C&A Sister School Program Officially Launched!

El Salvador - Restoring Hope After Mudlside
Honduras - Helping Honduran Shanty-town Without Medical Care
Colombia - Escaping Escobar - A Herald of Hope


Cape Verde - Ya herd? Using Micro-Loans to Raise Goats and Climb out of Poverty
Guinea - Operation Schoolbook
Guinea-Bissau - Alleviating Infant Mortality
Mali - Preserving Dogon Culture Through Education
Mali - Helping Handicapped of Mali Gain Mobility and Income
Mauritantia - Forced to Flee by Desert's Decree
Senegal - Sweetness Helps Low Blood Sugar
Senegal - Attacking Malaria by Saving Lives With $2 Bednets
Senegal - Rescuing Street Kids from Islam�s False Prophets
Senegal - Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy and Environmental Degradation
Sierra Leone - Amputees Yearn for the Future
Sierra Leone - Quest for Peace

Southeast Asia

Cambodian Comeback
Two Franks and Philippine Philanthropy
Wave of Destiny

United States

EMPOWERING AT-RISK YOUTH in Inner-city Chicago

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