Cause & Affect infuses funds DIRECTLY to those in need; by traveling to distressed regions and forming local partnerships, we search for the most effective means of distributing funds in order to assist individual families, schools, clinics and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that address the educational, health and environmental needs of underprivileged people on a global scale. We then report back to our donors with detailed field reports and documentation in order to raise awareness about these issues and provide positive feedback to our benefactors.

Adam CarterWHO? Born and raised in Chicago, Founder and President Adam Carter personally oversees every dollar distributed by Cause & Affect to impoverished people and families around the world.
Adam's Testimonials

Tim Summers: Cause & Affect President Tim Summers brings over seventeen years experience in the publishing and marketing industries; he graduated with a Marketing Communications Degree from Columbia College and is currently the President for Power Play Energy Group, Inc. (P-PEG), Green Lab Marketing, Inc. (GLM) and Cause & Affect Foundation. Mr. Summers is spearheading all three endeavors, which are symbiotic to each other's development. His forward-thinking vision protects energy consumers while educating on greener energy efficiencies and supporting community outreach and micro-philanthropy to infuse funds directly to those in need.

WHAT? Cause & Affect is our non-profit foundation that seeks out the most DIRECT form of assistance for people born into poverty on a global scale. We deliver the funds and then publicize our efforts through our blog and e-mail updates. Adam's interview on NBC News.

WHEN? Adam began his humanitarian work in 2003, and founded Cause & Affect in 2009. Since then, the organization has assisted projects on four continents.  Field Reports

WHY? Growing up free from the worries of basic survival (ie. food, shelter, medical care), Adam and his partners feel it is their moral obligation to help those born into poverty improve their condition and better their lives. They also hope to inspire others to undertake similar efforts, diffusing the micro-philanthropy model around the world. Adam's Bio

WHERE? Adam has spent 16 years traveling the world and has infused funds to four continents. He is currently based in Brazil but has assisted local projects in countries such as India, Brazil, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Colombia. Field Reports

HOW? By researching the issues in each region, Cause & Affect Foundation is able to identify the major issues. They then travel to that country and draw upon their international contacts in order to seek out well-run local organizations that are doing efficient work addressing these issues. Finally, they seek out the most beneficial means of distributing available funds, so their benefactors can see the results. Field reports, including photos and videos are sent back to their donors, allow donors to share in this life-saving work.
C&A Methodology

Cause & Affect on ABC News
Cause & Affect Field Reports
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  • Repairing Cleft Palates for Guatemalan Babies
  • Helping Teen Mothers Achieve a Better Future In Favelas of Rio de Janeiro
  • Emergency Family Assistance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Helping Seniors Regain their Dignity
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