My name is Adam Carter and for the past six years, I have been engaging in humanitarian work around the world. My desire to improve the lives of the less fortunate has led me to travel to distant lands, obtain my Master's Degree and has now resulted in the formation of my non-profit foundation Cause & Affect Foundation.

I spend the summer months in Chicago as a beer vendor and during the other half of the year, I travel throughout the developing world on humanitarian-based trips for Cause & Affect.

While working the Cubs and White Sox games in Chicago, I am also busy raising money for these projects through a variety of fundraisers and through our website. At the same time, I address local issues that affect people here in Chicago, such as providing money to bring music instruction to inner-city Chicago schools.

My partners and I have created this site to attract sports fans that may not be familiar with the humanitarian work that takes place around the world. We would like to think that for those of you that have not been exposed to some of the harsh realities millions of people face on a daily basis, Cause & Affect will shed some light on these issues. And if you choose to help our cause, even better! There are many ways to help, most importantly by making a contribution through PayPal.

Letís show the world what baseball fans can accomplish when united behind a cause!

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