Thank you for contributing to BeerGuy's Cause & Affect Foundation.
All donated funds support our projects throughout the world, both in the states and abroad.

Your donation (even the equivalent of a single beer) will DIRECTLY improve peoples' lives!

One beer: $6.75
Six-pack: $25
12-Pack: $50
Case: $100
30-pack: $150
Mini-keg: $250
Pony Keg: $350
Keg: $500
Kegerator: $1,000

Here's what we have done with recent donations:

$100 bought food and kitchen supplies for an orphanage.

$600 bought baby formula for mothers with HIV at a maternal health clinic.

$800 bought 400 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

$1,000 provided a micro-credit loan to allow families to increase their income and climb out of poverty.

All donations are secure with PayPal and our donors' information is strictly guarded, as our Privacy Policy indicates.


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